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Buyers Representation

A buyer’s agent represents your best interests and works to get you the home you want at the best price and the best terms. Traditionally, all real estate agents represented the home seller, and the buyer had no representation during the home search and purchase. Today, homebuyers benefit from professional representation by choosing a “buyer’s agent.” Legally, a buyer’s agent’s responsibilities are defined by state laws and the Realtors®' Code of Ethics, and generally include confidentiality, full disclosure, and accurate accounting. A buyer’s agent’s goal is to help you buy the home you want and buy it at the right price.

  • A Buyers Specialist saves you time by being an expert in market inventory and by knowing where the best homes are for you.
  • A Buyers Specialist is a top professional representing you in the purchase of any home; new home, for sale by owner, re-sales, and other real estate company listings.
  • A Buyers Specialist saves you money. A skilled negotiator that is working exclusively for you, keeping your position confidential.
  • A Buyers Specialist uses the latest technology to inform you instantly when a home matches your criteria.
  • Buyers Specialist time is 100% focused on finding you the right home.
  • A Buyers Specialist is never distracted with listing a property, making flyers installing signs, or placing advertisements.
  • A Buyers Specialist is an individual who is surrounded by a Team of Professionals who have various areas of specialization.

Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR®) designation is the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. This coveted designation is awarded to real estate practitioners by the Real Estate BUYER’S AGENT Council (REBAC) of the National Association of REALTORS® who meet the specified education criteria.

Buyer Representation means that you, the buyer, have a licensed real estate agent working for you on the purchase of your new home. The best part is that in most cases the seller will pay the fee; therefore, there is no additional cost to the homebuyer.

There are basically two types of real estate agents
1) A Listing agent – Listing agents work for the seller.
2) A Buyers’ agent – A Buyer’s agent works solely for the buyer.

These relationships are governed by “The Laws of Agency.” An Agency relationship is established whenever two persons agree that one is to act on behalf of the other and in accordance with the other’s directions. When a client retains an attorney, an Agency relationship is established in the same manner as when a seller lists a home with a real estate agent, or when a buyer asks a real estate agent to be their representative. The establishment of an Agency relationship carries with it several important duties that the person doing the representing owes to the person being represented. These important duties are loyalty, confidentiality, obedience, disclosure, reasonable care and diligence, and accountability. The importance of all this to the buyer is that traditional agents owe these duties to the seller, while a buyer’s agent owes these duties to you, the buyer.

The Buyer’s Agent:

  • Represents you in every part of the purchase process.
  • Provides professional advice in finding the right property at the right price.
  • Locates and researches properties that meet your requirements.
  • Negotiates with the seller’s agent.
  • Puts you in contact with mortgage services, title, and insurance companies, and home inspectors.
  • Reviews documents for accuracy.
  • At closing, verifies that all terms and conditions of the purchase agreement are met.

Benefit to the Buyer:

  • Total commitment to the Buyer
  • Maximum effort on their behalf
  • Exposure to the entire market
  • Confidentiality, disclosure, and loyalty
  • Track record of successful negotiations
  • Strongest possible protection of the Buyer’s interests.
  • Mortgage financing support
  • Buyers will save money since the buyer’s agent fights to protect their interest.
  • Know how long the home has been on the market.

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