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Divorce and Real Estate

Divorcing Home Owners

  • One man discovered how his ex’s $216,700 debt became HIS debt post-divorce as a lien against his house!
  • Paying off home equity debt didn’t cancel the account. Her ex “maxed it out” with $25,000 debt secured by her house!
  • Because she kept the house and he was to make the payments, when he filed bankruptcy, she lost the house & was then unable to qualify for another one on her own.”
  • The judge ordered him to refinance and pay her a fair and generous share of the equity. This sounded great! He was unable to qualify, the house would not sell and she lost every penny of that equity that was rightfully hers!

“Divorcing Homeowners Beware, What You Don’t Know During Your Divorce Will Hurt You More – Long After!

Divorce-related real estate is driven by necessity, not the market. With the national divorce rate between 40%-50%, the family home remains one of the most valuable assets – that typically must be sold.

Additionally, and more importantly, NOT selling the house is among the riskiest divorce options regarding the marital home.

Where one spouse retains the house post-divorce, either or both spouses risk significant, adverse exposure from liens/clouded title, mortgage/consumer credit decline, default/foreclosure, bankruptcy, and other potentially devastating post-divorce financial/standard of living issues.

Whether your divorce is completed, just beginning, or somewhere in between, I can help you determine your best options NOW for a stronger financial future! Please read the following in its entirety.

Divorce Real Estate guidance is desperately needed by today’s divorcing homeowners, to minimize divorce-related costs and maximize divisible house equity.

This allows divorcing homeowners to “Move Forward With More.”

The family home is usually the most valuable asset in a divorce. However, when dividing your marital property, appraisal minus mortgage does NOT equal equity. This incomplete equation leaves your house over-valued and that works against you. In addition to the inaccurate and unfair division of your property, you risk damaged credit, default, foreclosure, or even bankruptcy without more real estate due diligence much earlier in your divorce process.”

“Divorcing homeowners are shocked to learn, too late that you can divorce your spouse, but not your house. Ex-spouses may still have joint debts (mortgages and/or joint ownership like real estate) long after the divorce is final. Because a clean financial break is critical to winning your divorce, having a trained Realtor® alongside will help prevent real estate mistakes that cannot be fixed later. major mistakes in divorce real estate are preventable during your divorce but are not fixable after your divorce. These mistakes often result in damaged credit, mortgage default, foreclosure, or even bankruptcy often leaving the one spouse without housing at all! These are mistakes that ruin finances, families, and the future, for years after the divorce. Because such financially critical mistakes are preventable but not fixable, our solution is simply earlier: More due diligence and information from more real estate and financial experts much earlier in your divorce process. And the best time to protect your post-divorce credit is during the divorce process, for a stronger financial future.

One of the riskiest options for divorce real estate is keeping the house. Equally risky during the divorce process is using “Appraisal minus Mortgage” which likely overvalues equity for purposes of Equitable Distribution. As your Realtor® specializing in divorce, we are able to obtain more earlier: That is, more real estate investigation and information, much earlier in the divorce process. The result is actual equity based on more evidence of house value (e.g., condition from a home inspection and title/lien status from a title search—ideally done before any property settlement negotiations and before any mandatory mediation and trial).

Sydney is professionally trained to neutralize divorce real estate as a business transaction in the best interest of the house and each divorcing spouse.

Sydney empowers divorcing homeowners with accurate evidence of house value for the informed disposition of the marital home during a divorce. As a result, more house equity is preserved and the marital estate has the potential to increase (by selling a properly prepared house in less time for the most money.)

After is oftentimes too late! Thus, more earlier is encouraged.

Leading your divorce Real Estate team, Sydney also serves as a project manager working with you and your lawyers (and/or mediator) and can refer real estate and financial professionals specializing in divorce to assist with essential evidence of your house value. Such additional evidence is needed during your divorce process, especially before any property negotiation or mediation.

“To protect your rights NOW, you need a Real Estate Consultant
Specializing in Divorce You NEED Sydney Gunter!

Whether your divorce is completed, just beginning, or somewhere in between, Sydney can help you determine your best options now for a fair property settlement.

What you don’t know during your divorce will hurt you more, long after!”

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